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supremeINC is a network of corporate entities delivering amazing results to business owners and project managers since 2005. We are exceptionally good at conjuring up amazing corporate solutions at the drop of a hat, and in many cases, can supply the human capital and oversight to deliver projects on budget and on time. Of this we are so confident that we offer new clients a free consultation to try us out. If you don't come out of that first consultation with a solution to a business problem you present, then don't do business with us after that. Your first consultation usually lasts about thirty minutes. If you're serious about trying us out or you know someone that should, then the email is

A consultant will reply to your email and set up your first consultation.


A world where supremeINC is regarded as a leading corporate solutions provider.


To make life happier for business owners and project managers by helping them exceed targeted goals and returns on investment.

USP: connecting dots ... at the drop of a hat!


- Owned by supremeINC FITNESS (UK) LTD

- Official news and updates posted through - search for supremeINC

- Currently working on the 2024 Grand Awards event.


In November 2006 Supreme Events worked on His Royal Highness' The Prince of Wales (now King Charles) Cultural Celebrations at the Freetown Golf Club in Sierra Leone.

This event remains a highlight in our history.

  • supremePR: Business Development and Communication Strategies

  • supremeSECURITY: Property Protection; Close Protection; Corporate Event Security

  • supremeFITNESS (UK) LIMITED: Our UK HQ registered company. Lifestyle brand

  • supremeEVENTS: Corporate Events Specialists since 2006

  • supremeINC: Talent Management Agency for sports-entertainment personalities

  • sPROX: Multi-media Production; for websites, logos, flyers, posters, ADS, etc

  • COLHART CONSTRUCTION: Property Developers and Facilities Management

  • OOMITA: Advertising and eCommerce platform at

  • Circular Block Wealth Management: Retirement Planning for individuals and families

  • SUPREME STAFFING SOLUTIONS (SSS): Human Resource Supply for Corporate and Private Clients

MCing at The Javan Coker Foundation Prizegiving & Awards Ceremony
Saturday, April 1st 2023, London, England

I am an Industrial Economist. I founded supremeINC to deliver corporate solutions and projects to the highest international standards of project management.

Lawrence Coker

Founder: supremeINC

WhatsApp: +23279999923

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